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'Work dramas' deprive employees of sleep  Personnel Today

Work dramas and project deadlines are the two aspects of the daily grind most likely to keep employees up at night, according to a new survey. According to ...

Womb-inspired bedroom designed to help guests 'sleep like a baby'  The Independent

Designers have dreamed up the ultimate boutique getaway to help guests sleep like a baby on their travels – a bedroom that resembles a womb. Experts spent ...

How smoking cannabis can affect your sleep for better or worse  INSIDER

Many people report using weed to help them drift off to a slumber, so INSIDER found out the effects that weed could be having on your sleep.

Sure, you can 'Work hard. Play hard,' but 'Sleep hard,' too

You're not only tired, irritable and less effective when you're sleep-deprived, but it's also affecting your health.

Are you a sleep texter? You’re not alone  The Guardian

In case you needed another reason not to keep your phone beside your bed, a quarter of students report this modern form of parasomnia.

A wake-up call on sleep texting habit | Cape Times  Independent Online

Sleeping with your phone next to your pillow is a bad habit, but researchers have found it can lead to even worse behaviour.

VIDEO: Thousands brave the Dundee cold for Sleep in the Park homelessness event  The Courier

Thousands of hardy souls slept under the open sky in Tayside's freezing winter conditions to raise money for homeless people across Scotland. Organised by ...

Is a lack of sleep affecting how you do your job?  702

'Losing more hours of sleep affects the way you think.' says Khumo Theko from Flux Trends.

Science Says This Is the Truly Stunning Thing That Happens to People Who Sleep Too Much. (Source: A Massive New Sleep Study)  Inc.

Getting enough sleep is one of the easiest things you can do to boost your memory, improve your mood, and positively affect many other parts of your life.

It's possible to get too much sleep, but don't let that keep you up at night  Popular Science

At this point we should all know that we need to get eight hours of sleep per night. Any less and you're functioning below normal. But is it possible to get too ...

Trouble sleeping? Here's why it's harder to sleep as you get older  Yahoo News

Ever felt like it's getting harder to sleep the older you get? Don't worry, it's not in your imagination. Research shows that younger people are half as likely as older ...

Moderate or severe sleep apnea doubles risk of hard-to-treat hypertension in African-Americans  National Institutes of Health

Treatment of sleep disorder might help improve blood pressure control in this high-risk group.

EastEnders: will Linda sleep with Stuart after kissing him?  Radio Times

Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) has been left disgusted with herself on tonight's EastEnders after she kissed sinister Stuart Highway (Ricky Champ). The Queen Vic ...

Are You Hypersomniac? Top Ways How Excessive Sleeping Is Harming You  NDTV News

Sleeping too much or sleeping in excess can be bad for health. While an average person spends 33% of his or her life sleeping, it is important to know how ...

Addressing sleep disorders after traumatic brain injury  EurekAlert

Amsterdam, NL, December 10, 2018 - Disorders of sleep are some of the most common problems experienced by patients after traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Study: Less sleep tied to risky behavior in teens  WJXT News4JAX

Ask any parent of a teenager and chances are, they will tell you they would like their kid to get more sleep. But according to a recent study, not getting enough ...

'I sleep in the bedroom my son left behind'  BBC News

Tony Poku's son Elyon was stabbed to death three months ago at a party.

Video: 1,800 take part in Social Bite’s Sleep in the Park event in Aberdeen  Aberdeen Evening Express

Generous Aberdonians joined fellow Scots in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee to give up their bed for a night as part of this year's Sleep in the Park event.

The best-selling sleep supplements for 2018 revealed  Daily Mail

If you're a troubled sleeper, then it might be time to reach for a supplement in your quest towards eight hours sleep. But there is one selling out above all others ...

Sleep Apnea Doubles the Risk of Drug-Resistant Hypertension  MD Magazine

African-American patients with moderate or severe sleep apnea have twice, or 3.5 times, the risk of resistant hypertension, respectively.

Sleep Better and Increase Your Energy - TMJ4 Milwaukee, WI  WTMJ-TV

Dr. Strong, from Strong Health and Wellness, an expert in Hormone optimization will expalin some of the main benefits. Dr Strong believe you can give yourself 5 ...

Sleep, Don't Cram, Before Finals for Better Grades  U.S. News & World Report

By Amy Norton HealthDay Reporter. (HealthDay). MONDAY, Dec. 10, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- It's a college tradition to pull "all-nighters" during final exams.

Sleeping for more than eight hours a day? It may up early death risk  Economic Times

Sleeping too much may even up risk of cardiovascular events like stroke and heart failure.

Questions on sleep, sodium and cherries - News  Citizens Voice

Hello, dear readers. Once again, you've filled our overflowing mailbox with questions, concerns and some kind words (thank you, as always, for those), so let's ...

Boutique hotel's bedrooms designed like womb will make you sleep like baby  Mirror Online

Designers have dreamed up the ultimate boutique getaway to help guests quite literally sleep like a baby on their travels – a bedroom that resembles a WOMB.

Sleep tsar to oversee snooze classes for school students  The West Australian

A “sleep tsar” would oversee the teaching of sleep health in schools under a plan by WA researchers to help Australians get enough shut-eye in the age of ...

Anatomy of the perfect night's sleep, according to science  The Telegraph

What does your nightly routine look like? For some it's ultra luxurious – think silk eye mask and essential oils – and for others getting some serious zzzs is a low ...

Sleep Texting Is A Real Issue, A New Study Shows, & Here's How To Tell If You're Doing It  Bustle

If you sleep with your phone, a new study from Villanova University published in the Journal of American College Health might make you kick your digital BAE ...

Sleep in the Park: Hundreds tackle homelessness by camping out in Dundee city centre  The Courier

Hundreds of people camped out in Dundee city centre as part of a mass sleep-out aimed at ending homelessness. The Sleep in the Park event – which also took ...

Genes play a role in physical activity and sleep

Time spent sitting, sleeping and moving is determined in part by our genes, University of Oxford researchers have shown.

People Who Sleep For More Than 8 Hours Or Less Than 6 Hours Risk Premature Death

While sleeping less is associated with a host of diseases, including the likes of an increased risk of heart failure as well a heightened risk of cancer, sleeping ...

Netflix’s biggest competition isn’t sleep — It’s YouTube  VentureBeat

Netflix insists sleep is its biggest competitor. But YouTube may actually be a greater threat in the battle for India's users.

Jealous husband jailed for life for killing wife who refused to sleep with him  Metro

A 'jealous' man who killed his estranged wife after she refused to sleep with him 'one last time' for £100 has been jailed for life. Martin Cavanagh, Chatterton ...

Tracking my sleep made my insomnia worse  The Sydney Morning Herald

This year will forever go down as the year that I forgot how to sleep. I've gone from being a person who conks out the moment my head hits the pillow to ...

How to get your baby to sleep through the night? This Belfast woman has all the answers  Belfast Live

Whether it's frequent night waking or early morning waking and everything in between, Susan has the answers.

7 Things That Can Happen To Your Body When You Sleep In The Wrong Position  Bustle

If you've ever woken up with a stiff neck, you may have blamed it on sleeping the wrong way. Although you may not always have control over how you sleep, ...

Bacterial Persister Cells Sleep with One Eye Open to Foil Immune Cells  Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News

Bacterial persister cells do not go fully dormant but instead work to undermine immune defenses while they duck antibiotic treatments.

Here's The Truth About If Your Relationship Is OK If Your SO Sleeps On The Couch  Elite Daily

If your partner decides to sleep on the couch instead of in bed with you, you two might be in a fight, one of you might have a cold, or you both might simply be not ...

Good Day NWA: Sleep in Heavenly Peace  KNWA

One local organization is making it their mission to make sure kids have a good nights sleep.

How Much Change in the FOSQ-10 in Clinically Meaningful?  Sleep Review

A 10-item version of the Functional Outcomes of Sleep Questionnaire is analyzed.

Why We Sleep, and Why We Often Can’t  The New Yorker

Zoë Heller on whether our contemporary obsession with sleep obscures what makes it special in the first place.

UPDATE: Axovant shares slide 30% premarket after trial of treatment for sleep disorder fails to meet main goal  MarketWatch

Axovant Sciences Ltd. shares AXON, -27.49% slid 30% in premarket trade Monday, after the company said a trial of a treatment for REM sleep behavior disorder ...

Coronation Street: Tim vows to sleep with another woman

Tim hits the bottle at the Street Cars Christmas party at the Bistro with Eileen, Steve and Tracy.

Sufficient sleep in childhood may lead to healthy BMI later- details inside  Times Now

New York: Is your child facing trouble in sleeping? If so, parents take note. Regular and sufficient sleep from early childhood may be important for gaining ...

How Your Stomach Could Be Impacting Your Sleep  Psychology Today

We've learned a staggering amount about the microbiome and its relationship to sleep in recent years.

Music review: Songs of Frightened Rabbit, Sleep in the Park @ Kelvingrove Bandstand, Glasgow  The Scotsman

Somewhere behind their stoic facial expressions and the faint tremble in drummer Grant Hutchison's voice, there was no mistaking just what an enormous ...

'Sleep Texting' Becoming A New Medical Issue  CBS New York

CBS2's Scott Rapoport has the latest on a new condition involving people texting in their sleep. More Latest Videos. Woman Says Genetic Testing Saved Her ...

Can homeless sleep on the streets? Phoenix area cities are rethinking bans  AZCentral

Cities in the Phoenix area are rethinking whether they can legally arrest someone simply for sleeping on the streets. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit ...

Eva Marcille wants a good night of sleep for Christmas  Page Six

Between keeping it glam on "Real Housewives of Atlanta" and taking care of a newborn, Eva Marcille just wants some quality shut-eye this Christmas.

9 things you need for a better night's sleep  Popular Science

Hibernation isn't an option for human beings, unfortunately. That means we've got to make sure every eight-hour allotment is elevated to cloud nine.

Are You Texting In Your Sleep? This Survey Says Yes  LADbible

We've all sent the odd few (hundred thousand) drunk texts in our time, but have you ever sent texts in your sleep? Although you'd assume the answer would be ...

Fixed Bedtime, Sufficient Sleep May Lead To Healthier Teens; 6 Surprising Effects Of Lack Of Sleep  NDTV News

Bedtimes should be determined by several factors, such as when the child has to wake up based on the time it takes for that child to get ready for school, and the ...

Sleep Science: Waking Up Takes Forever Because Our Brains Are Slow  Inverse

This year, a team of scientists at The University of California Berkeley finally figured out exactly how long it takes the brain to wake up each morning. Using brain ...

Narcolepsy Can Look Different in Kids Than It Does in Adults  Sleep Review

Sleep researchers published a paper to alert physicians of the early warning signs of childhood narcolepsy and how these symptoms can differ from adults.

7 Mistakes You Make at Night That Are Ruining Your Sleep  SELF

Stop sabotaging your rest! Learn how these mistakes you make at night can completely ruin your sleep.

Sufficient sleep in childhood may lead to healthy BMI later  IOL

Regular and sufficient sleep from early childhood may be important for gaining healthy body weight in adolescence.

The new marijuana judgement and how cannabis influences your sleep  BusinessTech

The use of cannabis has become an increasingly popular topic of discussion following its legalisation for personal use in South Africa. Research on how ...

High blood pressure - do you sleep like this? Signs of hypertension in your slumber  Express

HIGH blood pressure symptoms can be difficult to spot, and the only way to know if you're at risk of hypertension signs is to have your blood pressure checked.

Aberdeen councillors bed down for Social Bite’s Sleep in the Park  Aberdeen Evening Express

Jenny Laing and Douglas Lumsden, the co-leaders of Aberdeen City Council, will bed down for Sleep in the Park tomorrow night. The duo will join 1,800 others ...

Sleep texting is a thing, and a quarter of us have done it  Plymouth Live

Most have no memory of sending a text in their sleep, let alone what they wrote or who they sent it to.

LPD: Mother was in ‘deep sleep’ as toddler walked to local Stripes alone  Laredo Morning Times

A woman was in a "deep sleep" in her apartment while her toddler went to a local Stripes alone, according to Laredo police. Veronica Guajardo, 36, was ...

Is sleep texting a thing?  WILX-TV

A new study shows sleep texting is a thing and many of us text gibberish.

Sleep in the Park: Frightened Rabbit and Biffy Clyro perform for homelessness event  Evening Times

TEMPERATURES may have plummeted but spirits stayed high as Glasgow hosted its first Sleep in the Park.

Green Monday Deal: Sleep Better With This Weighted Blanket That's Under $100  Geek

Everyone knows to get a good night's sleep. Some of us, however, don't get the quality of rest we require which can lead to a variety of health issues. Oh sure ...

Lack of sleep looks the same as severe anxiety in the brain  Popular Science

If you've ever found that a poor night's sleep has left you feeling not only a bit groggy, but also on edge, you aren't alone. People with insomnia have double the ...

The little $60 box that actually helps me sleep better is on sale for $39, today only  BGR

There are about a million different solutions out there for people who have trouble sleeping, but most of them aren't really solutions at all. Even the ones that ...

Apple Receives FCC Approval For a 'Sleep Tracking' Device  Fortune

Apple's new sleep tracking device is made by Beddit, a company it recently acquired.

Local charity gives kids the chance to sleep in heavenly peace

Not all Minneapolis kids have a bed to call their own. However, one organization is hoping to change that.

Baylor studies find that students perform better on tests after eight hours of sleep  Inside Higher Ed

Students in a Baylor University class weren't sleeping enough. Their professor offered them extra credit if they got eight hours of sleep or more -- and they ...

Tess Daly: Strictly ‘high’ robs me of sleep  Express

TESS DALY The TV presenter tells AMY PACKER how the age-old power of adrenaline helps her smile on through when the going gets tough.

New review highlights importance of good sleep routines for children  Medical Xpress

Sleep hygiene, which includes practices like providing a cool and quiet sleeping environment or reading before bed time to help kids unwind, is increasingly ...

Apple reveals $150 smart mattress sensor that monitors your sleep  Daily Mail

The sensor slips under a mattress and measures measuring sleep time, heart rate, breathing, snoring, and bedroom temperature and humidity.

Sleep texting is a thing, and experts say a lot of us are doing it  The Tab

Is sleep texting real or possible? Experts say sleep texting is a thing. But what is sleep texting? How does it happen? Here's what it is, how you do it, how to stop ...

6 Ways an Extra Hour of Sleep Could Save Your Life  Reader's Digest

Sleep experts recommend adults get at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. And yet, one in three Americans don't get enough sleep. According to the ...

You Were Wrong to Sleep on 'Sea of Thieves'  FANDOM

Whenever anyone talks about Sea of Thieves, they often hear the same types of comments — stuff like “This game has no *content*,” “More like No Man's Sea,” or ...

Mattress firm tells customers beds do not record them sleeping  The Guardian

An American mattress company has sought to reassure customers that it is not hiding microphones in their beds, after alarmed snoozers noticed references to ...

Lil Mama Calls Out Bow Wow for Thinking He Can Sleep With Her  XXLMAG.COM

Lil Mama clearly isn't here to entertain Bow Wow's opinions about getting freaky with her. On Sunday (Dec. 9), the Growing Up Hip-Hop: Atlanta star went off on ...

Charity boss dreams of Social Bite’s Sleep in the Park event raising £4 million  Aberdeen Evening Express

A charity boss has spoken of his hopes that more than £4 million can be raised to help support people sleeping rough. Josh Littlejohn, co-founder of Social Bite, ...

Apple launches new Beddit Sleep Monitor for $150  The Indian Express

Apple has announced Beddit Sleep Monitor 3.5, a sleep tracker that lies flat on a user's mattress to track their sleep patterns, heart rate, and average breathing ...

Ford's Sleep Suit Plans to Tackle Zombie Drivers  Gizmodo UK

The car giant has an innovative new 'sleep suit' that is being used to emulate the effects of driving while drowsy.

Are your kids' sleep habits a nightmare? These tips work like a dream, researchers say

Researchers from the University of British Columbia have looked at the research on shuteye for youth, and parents won't want to sleep on the results.

Musician with experience of homelessness to share the stage with Sleep in the Park stars  The Courier

A Dundee musician who was almost made homeless following a mental-health breakdown is to perform alongside her musical idols at Sleep in the Park.

Neuroscientists identify a surprising low-tech fix to the problem of sleep-deprived teens  The Conversation - US

Researchers tracked adolescents' sleep and scanned their brains. As expected, better sleep went with healthy brain development. Unexpected was the ...

Just ONE bad night's sleep can raise your risk of falling over the next day, say scientists  Daily Mail

Researchers have found just one bad night's sleep can put you at greater risk of falling over. Healthy volunteers at the University of Warwick had worse balance ...

The reason you sweat in your sleep

Are you waking up after perspiring in the middle of the night? Finding your sheets or pajamas soaked in the morning? Don't sweat it. You're not the only one.

Charity Social Bite holds mass sleepout to aid homeless  BBC News

The world's biggest mass sleepout takes place across Scottish cities to raise awareness of homelessness.

Slumber puncture: the perils trying to sleep in hospital  The Irish Times

Constant noise and light and being woken frequently for monitoring during the night is more than just annoying – it can harm patients.

Alex Oliveira on Gunnar Nelson: ‘I will put him to sleep’ at UFC 231  MMA Fighting

Alex Oliveira is planning on ruining Gunnar Nelson's return to the Octagon on Saturday night in Canada. The Brazilian “Cowboy” will face “Gunni” in the main ...

Women Sleep More Soundly Next To Dogs Than Humans, According To A Study  Bustle

If you're in search of a good night's sleep, get a dog. According to a new study, women sleep better next to dogs than people or cats. No shade to cats. They just ...

10 Highlights from Sleep + Eat London  Interior Design

Europe's hospitality design community headed to London on November 20-21 for Sleep + Eat at the Olympia London exhibition center. T...

Women sleep better with dogs by their side, study shows  WOWK

A new study shows women who share their bed with their dog get a better night's sleep compared to women who sleep with a cat or another human by their side.

Eight-hour sleep may boost academic performance: Study  Times Now

In the study, the students were given extra points if they met "the 8-hour Challenge" -- averaging eight hours of sleep for five nights during final exams week.

How a sleep training expert got my son to sleep through the night  GMA

ABC News' Ginger Zee is the mother of two young boys.

Baylor professors offer 'extra credit' for extra sleep  KXXV News Channel 25

Finals week at any university causes lots of stress… as students frantically try “cramming” or getting in hours of last-minute studying. But a study at Baylor ...

Bahrain News: Sri Lankan woman 'forced to sleep with up to 20 men every day'  Gulf Digital News

A HOUSEMAID claims she was tortured and forced into prostitution for almost two years. The 36-year-old, from Sri Lanka, says she survived only on bread and ...

Parents are hiring coaches to get their babies to sleep better  CBS News

A recent study in the journal Pediatrics found at six months old, only 43% of babies were sleeping 8-hour.

'Sleep-out' raises cash for Charles Thompson's mission  Wirral Globe

ONE hundred people gave up their homes for a cold and wet night on the street to raise funds for a charity helping the homeless and needy.

I'm an Elite Marathoner With Sleep Issues. Here's How I Manage Them  Runner's World

In many ways, I'm similar to the other runners working toward the 2020 Olympic Marathon Trials: I log 100-plus miles per week, spend a small fortune on ...

Screen time disrupts sleep by resetting internal clocks  Medical News Today

Prolonged exposure to light late at night causes certain cells in the eye to reset the body's internal clock and upset its rhythms, which can harm health.